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Shea Cocoa Butter Whip 200g


Unscented and ideal for babies and tummy rubs during and after pregnancy to improve the appearance of stretch marks

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With no added fragrance this is a perfect choice for those of us who are extra sensitive to strong scents. The amazingly high cocoa butter concentration in this whip makes it ideal for massaging onto mummy’s tummy during and after pregnancy to improve the skin’s elasticity and to aid reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Pairing this with our Shea Oil and or Body Oil makes an ideal Mother and Baby gift set for your baby’s daily massage during bath time. Shea Oil is highly moisturizing to the skin and hair and a great substitute to the usual store-bought baby oils, which are mostly mineral oil-based.


Direction for use:
Rub a tinny bit of butter in palms to melt and release the sweet scents of essential oils and apply all over the body. A little goes a long way. Use immediately after shower for better absorption to relief dry skin for smooth and radiant skin.

Weight 250 g


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