About Us

You deserve to feel beautiful and experience the best nature has to offer.

Our Mission

To create premium quality bath, body and hair products that feed, soothe, heal and nourish our bodies. Our ultimate aim is to improve the lives of clients and rural communities along our value chain. We are also committed to sustainably sourcing only the best quality raw materials and employ processes that only enhance the value and healing properties of our finished product as well as ensure the efficient and sustainable use of our resources.

Why we exist

At Laam Shea, we understand the efforts and stress mums across the world go through daily to care for us and make families look beautiful and feel loved. When it comes to those closest to us, nothing feels better than making time out of our busy schedules to ensure they have all they need to make them feel special always.

That is why Laam Shea has lovingly crafted a beautiful range of products that will soothe and heal todays complex range of skin issues. These nurture and nourish our bodies from the inside and out. They enhance the general well being of our families as well as transform our living spaces into a welcoming abyss of relaxation and comfort we can return to after a hard days work.

We have gone the extra mile to select only those ingredients that are raw, unrefined and in their purest form. Our products contain the creamiest and freshest Grade A Shea butter from the upper west regions of Ghana, the most decadent chocolaty smells of fresh cocoa butter delicately mixed with select oils such as baobab seed oil, moringa seed oil, neem seed oil that have been infused with fresh aromatic botanicals/herbs to unleash their healing properties

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Allow us to indulge your senses with our pure blends of natural ingredients that honor what our ancestors did for centuries for supple and radiant skin.

Our Founder

“I have always looked out for affordable and quality options for my personal care needs. This led me to tinkering around with all sorts of oils and butters in the kitchen. However, one of my twin sons had extremely sensitive skin and we ended up spending so much on skin ointments. I found myself scrutinizing the ingredients of these ointments and their side effects scared me. This prompted me to consider more natural skin care remedies until I was gifted a bottle of neem seed oil in 2013 and got intrigued by its amazing healing properties. A combination of Shea and neem oil completely cleared the rashes and kept them off till date. I started off by sharing samples of body butter packaged in recycled baby food glass jars to friends and family and the feedback was exciting and positive. Hence the decision to share this with other families who are going through similar challenges. I love to help people feel beautiful and confident with their bodies. Every single feedback, be it positive or negative, urges me on to improve our product offerings. I believe investing in the holistic personal grooming needs of our families is the ultimate act of love. The team at Laam Shea is committed to making this vital component of your daily life convenient and stress-free.”

– Michelle Ayog-Nying Dassah (Founder)